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Complete Guide for Midsomer Murders Seasons 1-13

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Bryan Parker breaks out of his home of 7 years, trying to take with him another 5-year-old child, but was not successful. He is found alone on the streets by a police office who then calls the FBI. Bryan is questioned by the FBI about the, now missing 5 year-old, Todd as well as his father. Blue Mountain State Seasons 1-3 puts out a nation wide search for both adult and child. As the team digs deeper into Bryan's life they find out that he was also kidnapped at the age of 5.

This was an emotional opening episode of the fifth season. It was such a sad episode where the audience not only see's the reactions but also feels what Bryan goes through with finding out that he was kidnapped as well. I was glad that there was a lot of Sam scenes, just because she's always such a mystery all the time and it's nice to know a little bit more about her. Without a Trace Seasons 1-7 especially liked the ending where Sam walks Bryan/Max to the door to see his mother. That was sweet and you don't get a lot of sweet happy endings in without a trace or in the real world.

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